Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 3 Kin 710- Web 2.0

I've used many of the Web 2.0 winners sites many times. Youtube is great, especially when you're able to download the material(just need the right software). I downloaded a video on how to open a locker and used it to show students. There are SO many educational videos on Youtube, you just need to make sure they are appropriate. The google maps, I've used it to create routes for me to run, and find out the distance of some routes I want to try.

A few sites like google maps is what Nike Plus and MapMyRun offer, you can see the routes other runners around have done.

Like Google Docs, Microsoft has an online service where you can look for other templates people have created and posted for others to use and rate. I used it last year to find my school a new referral, there was one already completed, I downloaded it and changed it to fit my school.


  1. I have read two previous blogs about Google Docs and everyone seems to find huge benefits of the software. Having the ability to view other documents that have already been placed on the software and gives users the ability to adjust their own personal desires. Web 2.0 application that are similar to MapMyRun offer great personal benefits for individuals on the go like yourself. It is cool to see how far you run in the given time it takes you to complete the course. Sometimes when I run I wonder or guestimate how far I run, and more times than not I am off. For those of us that are particular about what we do in our workouts, MapMyRun application give us well rounded ideas about the length of the workout we do.

  2. Charles,

    I agree that Google Docs has a lot of advantages. I think the accessibility of having templates that you can download and use really saves time. If I needed a template like a budget spreadsheet it can be easily found on Google Docs. I like the fact that you can share information and access from other computers. It is great if you want multiple users to edit a document.
    I also use You Tube frequently as an educational tool. The key is for the teacher to always screen and watch the video before the students do to see its merit and appropriateness. I have found some great Science videos to use in my elementary teaching. I think You Tube is a great supplementary resource to use in any teacher's arsenal of instructional tools.

  3. You Tube is the way of the future! Google Docs has a lot of cool features too, like being able to get info from several computers.