Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 3 - Kin 710 Google Docs

I have tried to use google docs before, actually I was playing around on it trying to find things I could use at work. Its a great tool to use, especially for groups or people working on a project. What I noticed I like about google docs immediately is EVERYONE can use it. Last year I put Word 2007 on my computer and when I would forward things to other colleagues they were unable to open because they had Word 2003. Lastly, all of these docs are saved online, so you don't have to worry about your computer crashing and you losing it.

I wish more Physical Education teachers would use this, create and publish written work they will use with their classes. Then we as educators would have use of a bank of ideas and already completed work we would only have to rework a little for our own use. Below is the link to the written assignment I am working on to give to students who having missing work.



  1. Hey we need to find a way to introduce this into our curriculum! Maybe set up a computer lab day were we have the kids search for Physical Education related content. Maybe even post some of our own documents and have them search for them and use them in an assignment

  2. Yeah....I wish we'd had this when we did our credential program portfolios....we could have all helped each other. I like the idea of creating a database of things educators can just borrow from each other. We can definitely do this at our school between the three of us.

  3. This is the primamry reason why I find Google docs so useful; they can be seen by EVERYONE. There have been numerous times in the past were I have sent a document to friends through an email and they were unable to open it. Frustrating. With Google docs the great thing, as you stated before, you can save it online and not worry about saving the file on an external hardware to view it in another location. Moreover, the items that are able to be seen with this software can be edited too. This takes out the "middle man", people can make adjustments to the document at will. Great tool.

  4. I also like google docs and all the different things we can use it for. Like the idea of everyone being able to use it. I just created an online Phone book/ address book for me and my wife.