Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 3 Kin 710- Web 2.0

I've used many of the Web 2.0 winners sites many times. Youtube is great, especially when you're able to download the material(just need the right software). I downloaded a video on how to open a locker and used it to show students. There are SO many educational videos on Youtube, you just need to make sure they are appropriate. The google maps, I've used it to create routes for me to run, and find out the distance of some routes I want to try.

A few sites like google maps is what Nike Plus and MapMyRun offer, you can see the routes other runners around have done.

Like Google Docs, Microsoft has an online service where you can look for other templates people have created and posted for others to use and rate. I used it last year to find my school a new referral, there was one already completed, I downloaded it and changed it to fit my school.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 3 - Kin 710 Google Docs

I have tried to use google docs before, actually I was playing around on it trying to find things I could use at work. Its a great tool to use, especially for groups or people working on a project. What I noticed I like about google docs immediately is EVERYONE can use it. Last year I put Word 2007 on my computer and when I would forward things to other colleagues they were unable to open because they had Word 2003. Lastly, all of these docs are saved online, so you don't have to worry about your computer crashing and you losing it.

I wish more Physical Education teachers would use this, create and publish written work they will use with their classes. Then we as educators would have use of a bank of ideas and already completed work we would only have to rework a little for our own use. Below is the link to the written assignment I am working on to give to students who having missing work.

Week 3 - Kin 710 - RSS feeds/Bloglines

The RSS feeds I found on Bloglines are seem to very useful, and seems like something I could use. Being able to follow several different sources, and tailor it towards my needs. I could see myself using it in several different ways, have a feed for work set up for my work computer and another for my home computer. Even for this class, having a list of all the blogs for this class would keep me updated to other students who are making posts for me to read and respond.

The RSS feed I found, and attached to my bloglines, is It is a podcast of a radio show Keven Barnett and Reid Preddy do about the USA mens volleyball team and International Volleyball. Its nice to hear about whats going on with internatioanl volleyball since there very written about it in the press.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kin 710 - Week 1 - Tweeter

Getting use to using tweeter. But I see how it can be a useful, especially for professionals or even students. For example, if you were working on a project in a group, posting the status, questions and answers to items that pop up would be very valuable. Also, for people who work together but do not see each other, have varying schedules, don't have time to make phone calls, etc. Tweeter would allow such people to keep up to date and communicate quickly and easily.

Kin 710 - Week 2 - Social media in Education readings

Web, Library, and Teen Services 2.0

Today's libraries are going through an evolution. Its challenge is to stay relevant to today's population and if not careful could find itself being outdated and forgotten. Instead of looking at the Internet as being a threat I think this article provided some good examples about how libraries can use the web as a valuable tool to reach out and engage the populations they serve, especially teenagers. This requires libraries to experiment and try new things to include and engage children so they not only use but become proactive members of the community that uses the library and its services. Allowing users to post comments, rate items, and even make recommendations for others to read and comment. Libraries could use this information to make recommendations to others so they might be able to find items they are interested.

Emerging Technologies Changing Public Library Service Delivery Models

This articles reminds of many of the same ideas as the one above. Today's libraries need to continue to change and engage the community. People today, especially myself, are accustomed to being able to obtain the information required 24hrs-a-day and seven days a week. One of the ideas I like more than anything is providing podcast. For example, if I was doing research and was using a never before used search engine, having a podcast of step-by-step instructions playing in the back ground telling me what to do would be extremely useful. And what I like most about podcast it is allows the user to listen when it is convenient and wherever they want. The ideas are endless for ways for libraries to use the web to communicate, its just going to take a lot of work and exploration.

Editorial: Examining Social Software in Teacher Education

As libraries are going through an evolution so is the education. Today's educators have the opportunity to engage those they are trying to educate. In reading the articles I started to think about having a class blog or website where students could post comments or questions. This would be a great tool because it would all students access to the content at all times. Today's youth is extremely comfortable with technology and as an educator if I could allow my students access to the content in a manner they feel comfortable then I am increasing the chances of students connecting with the material. But this requires educators to embrace and experiment with the resources available. The only potential negative is its use to distract, and this requires educators to be just as tech-savy as the students they're attempting to educate.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

KIN 710- week 2 - Exploring Flickr

Looking around Flickr I found a good friend who is a head coach at the local junior college with the men's volleyball team. I thought it was a good picture, and might have to forward it to him. Looking around I think this can be a great tool, to find pictures of interest and use them when creating projects.

Here is the link to

Kin 710 - week 2 - My Flickr account

Flickr can be a simple way to share photos with friends, colleauges and anyone else. I think for work it might be very useful to create a photo bank. A place to save pictures so everyone can use them and have easy access.

Boys Physical Education Office
The photo I tagged as KIN710 is

Week 2 - Kin 710 - Tech related interest

Early this week my principal and I were talking, before the team leader meeting. He showed me the new app he added to his iTouch, a Student Information System (SIS) that allows users to get information about students onsite only. It is through the schools wireless, users are able to flag certain students and share it with others. If a new student enrolls they can take a picture and upload it, it is later sync'd to all of the other users on site. Its a fun software the former AP and I, I was dean the past two years until budget cuts cut the position, wanted to get for the school. I might get the app for my iPhone so I can use it as well.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting start - Kin 710

Hello Kin 710. This blog was much easier than I thought to get started! I'm looking forward to trying new things on the web, I've never taken an online course before and know it will be a little getting use too. But I feel comfortable with technology and know over time it will be like second nature.