Friday, February 18, 2011

Kin 710 - Week 6 - Google Sites

Here is my site. I think I could clean this up a lot more with time. But I love the idea of have a digital resume that you can post or email. Instead of mailing resumes by mail, having an up-to-date resume would be very useful, especially if you were looking for employment out of the area. And a digital resume gives potential employers a lot more information and insight into the type of person you are. I think also this would be a great tool to add to a departments website that your school might have set up. Instead of relying on the school to update your info you could have a link to this page. And if you switched schools, or were doing some other work after school, you could just have this page linked to another site. Pretty cool.

Kin 710 - Week 6 - online professional portfolio sites (e.g., Plaxo, LinkedIn).

Using Plaxo and LinkedIn could be very useful especially if you have to communicate with a large group or travel. I did like the ability to upload numerous address books into one. Over the years I have had to create numerous email accounts and the only way to really get a contact would be to login and copy and paste from one site to another. I also do like how this allows you to upload your contacts and you're able to access them anytime you want. Owning an iPhone, there is an application that allows you to sync your contacts with those you have online. This is especially useful since do any indepth work on your iPhone is annoying, being able to edit info and then have it sent to your phone automatically is very convinent!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week 5 - Kin 710 - Library Thing

I found this site to be pretty cool and useful. Being able to type in key words and to find a long listing of books, and to further filter the results is extra helpful.  I found a few coaching volleyball books I'd heard about and one I never have but am interested in reading and added it to my catalog.

I did find a book by entering physical education as the key word I never thought about looking. It was jobs for physical education majors. That is a book I'm going to order so I can read.

In the future, if and when I'm looking for additional resources I'm going to use this site. When I did my last graduate degree, having a search like this would have been helpful in finding additional resources.

Week 5 - Kin 710 - Image Generators

Ok, I have never played on any image generator, and its a lot of fun! I think it could be a fun way to post things throughout a classroom. Now what you'd post couldn't be anything very serious, at least this is my opinion. Thinking of it now, we piloting a PE portfolio with our 6th graders for the Spring semester, the students might get a kick out of making printing out photos with their name, period and grade level to put on the outside of the portfolio! No matter what these sights are is my photo I made, I think the picture explains itself!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 4 - Kin 710 - Youtube Search

Doing some looking on youtube searching and I found some videos about volleyball, especially from the club I coach. This video is of the final the match, of a tournament we were lucky to win, and was played at 11:30pm. Normally matches are played two out of three games, but with the time of day the other head coach and I both agreed to just play one game winner takes all.

And I'm shocked on the many coaches who have posted interviews and instructional videos on how to better coach.

This is a video of Gary Sato on of the coaches whose spent a lot of time coaching at the international level and has some great insight.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 4 - kin 710 - DEL.ICIO.US

DEL.ICIO.US was is a cool idea, having a favorites page you can access anywhere would make accessing information easier for someone who traveled a lot and didn't have a computer. I think I would have used it in college for sure, I used the whatever computer I could find at the library, and felt lost when I couldn't remember a sites address.
I also think it would be a great tool for those who do research, you could see what other sites your colleagues are using or looking.

Week 4 - Kin 710 - TECHNORATI

I spent 30 minutes playing on this site and looking through the blogs they had within their directory and feel a little frustrated. TECHNORATI website wasnt easy to use, I did a search for 'physical education' and the results were over a million and included blogs wlth that had the words 'physical' and numerous others focused on 'education.' And how the site was layed out didn't help, it wasn't very user friendly. I did like that you could look up Blogs by category, but they were too basic and didn't allow you to refine the searches. Blogging is new to me, and think if I knew what exactly I was looking for would help me, just browsing them with no particular idea of an end result just frustrated me.